Power Racing Series

Step 1: Form a Power Racing Series team.
Step 2: Acquire a Power Wheels ride-on car.
Step 3: Design & build your best all-electric Power Racer.
Step 4: Add flare! Give the car & team some personality!
Step 5: Come in October and RIDE FOR GLORY!

Teams throughout San Diego County are making Power Racers for October’s Maker Faire San Diego. Race against other electric car hacks and show off your team’s personality. Awards are given for both speed and moxie.

Interested in learning more? Looking for others to form a team? Want to learn about our PRS Starter Kit? Contact the San Diego Maker’s Guild or attend a meetup.

You can also message us on Facebook, Twitter, or even Instagram!

For car and race details as well as great video, visit PowerRacingSeries.org.


Building Drones

Listen to some of the cool hacks, features, and custom adjustments local engineering student and maker, Mark Liu, made on his flying drone. This quick look shows some of the very cool possibilities with drones, which are getting more and more popular every day across the country! Like Mark, instead of buying one, you can even build your own drone.

Makers are working on fun, engaging, and amazing projects all the time in San Diego. We’re a city filled with DIY makers! Do you craft, build, sculpt, hack, or engineer? Do you teach others how? Come across an amazing speaker? See a mind-blowing performance? Do you know someone making something beautiful, delicious, cool, or completely epic in our region? Tell us! we’d love to share the story. Click here to find out how.


The Making of a Maker

Let these 10 kids tell you how to inspire your child’s creativity. 

Source: The Making of a Maker


Share some Pie, Raspberry Pi, and Python

Makers are working on fun, engaging, and amazing projects all the time in San Diego. We’re taking a quick look back at Pi Day (3/14) where one San Diego Maker’s Guild member, Rob Burkhead, was teaching students how to use Raspberry Pi and Python (the programming language, not the actual snake of course) to protect pies at the San Diego Central Library.


Power (Racing) to the People

Hosted by the San Diego Maker’s Guild, meetups are more than your peek into all things Maker Faire, they’re your way to get involved too. Check out what’s coming up on Monday, March 14.

Mini electric racing cars. A whole lot of power! The Power Racing Series has been a huge hit at at Maker Faires around the country. Let’s build some of these $500 mini electric racing cars in San Diego and run our own Power Racing Series event for the next Maker Faire San Diego. The amazing Mark Liu will share his experiences building and racing an electric Power Racing Series Car at the Bay Area Maker Faire. Find out how you form a Power Racing Series car team! Vroom vroom!

For the second part of our Meetup, Chance Roth, founder of the San Diego Drone Users Group, will talk about drones and the effect of the new federal regulations. Bring your questions about drone building and flying.

We’ll meet on the 9th floor of the San Diego Central Library. After the meeting, you’re welcome to join us at Lolita’s Restaurant to hang out and eat great Mexican food. Mingle with your local makers! Share projects you’ve got on your plate and ideas you’d love to bring to life.

Monday, March 14, 6:30PM-7:45PM
9th Floor San Diego Central Library, Shiley Room
Join on MeetUp or Facebook.


Thank you! Now for Part II!

Maker Faire San Diego 2015 was an incredible weekend full of innovation, new and exciting technologies, and giving every participant the opportunity to learn new hands on skills and make something fun. Makers came from all over to show what they have made, talk about how they created it, and teach participants how they could make it too. Over 25,000 participants joined well over 200 makers and hundreds of volunteers for an experience that took them across 10 of Balboa Park’s cultural institutions. Thank you for joining us!

This event could not have been possible without the help of so many different individuals and groups, and it’s not over yet…!

Continue reading


Thank you for a Magnificent Faire!

Robot and the Giraffe

Wonderful things happened at Maker Faire. Makers excitedly shared projects with curious attendees. Kids young and old experienced the joy of making things from marshmallow shooters to slime. And a visiting giant robot befriended our local electric giraffes. Not even rain could dampen our celebration of making. Thank you for having joined us for Maker Faire 2015! See you next year!!!


Maker Faire San Diego – Shine and Rain!

OpenBalboa Park took a little shower last night, but that just means we’re fresh and ready to go for Day 2 of Maker Faire! Saturday was bustling outdoors with all kinds of activity stations, fun, interactive exhibits, and Makers all eager to teach and share their works. There was a great fashion show that mixed period clothing, Steampunk, and Star Wars, drone battles, the T.A.R.D.I.S. (from Dr. Who), and innumerable robots, 3D printers, programmers, crafters, and so much more.

Indoor at the museums

As for today, little improvisation is exactly what Makers do! At our Mini Maker Faire in 2013, torrential rain didn’t hold us back, and now with 10 museums hosting Maker Faire, it won’t even slow us down. We’ve shifted maker exhibits inside, Tijuana Innovadora is still hosting a flurry of maker competitions and talks, Makers are also giving formal presentations in various Museum theater spaces, and Battlepond is only going to be more epic should the rain come again during the day.

So come refresh your minds, meet the makers, make something, enjoy the museums, and see the incredible things that are being made in our region on this last day of Maker Faire San Diego 2015!

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Ready… Set…!

IMG_7343 (1)

Almost action time! Maker Faire kicks off tomorrow Oct 3 (Saturday!) at 10AM. Balboa Park is undergoing a busy and wonderful transformation. The crews of the Battlepond have been hard at work setting up the pool, serene for now and tomorrow home to a series of lively battles. Robot Resurrection’s team made an epic journey from World’s Faire in New York last weekend to set up in the Plaza de Panama, soon to be the Mayor’s Maker Plaza.  Continue reading


2015 Exhibitors!


Curious about who some of our exhibitors are this year? Check out our 2015 Exhibitors list! You’ll find lots of tech tinkerers, artists, programmers, crafters, Steampunk and Star Wars lovers, art cars, hacked bikes and vehicles, printers (screen and 3D), laser cutters, music aficionados, gardeners, engineers, robotics clubs, sculptors, fitness enthusiasts, fashionistas, and those who defy definition by mixing all a manner of materials, genres, and technology. There is a maker for every interest and we are proud to have them at our 2015 Maker Faire! Continue reading