Calling all Makers!


Been working on a special project you’d love to show the world? Need a deadline to bring closure to a long-idle passion pursuit? Want to rally friends to co-create something wonderful to share? Apply now to exhibit.

Now is the time to plan, apply, and get your project gears in motion!


Museum Making: Natural History Museum

Library 3Makers are everywhere… and at every time. We went behind the scenes at the San Diego Natural History Museum, where they recently broke ground on a new exhibition space they’ll be offering to the public come early summer 2016. They are transforming their Research Library, which has historically only been available to the public by appointment only, and making it into a lovely, open exhibition space and gallery that will emphasize the importance of citizen science. Citizen science is scientific research partially or completely conducted by amateur or nonprofessional scientists, often also called “crowd-sourcing science.” The citizen scientists who will be on display were the Makers of their day.

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Hands-on: Homemade Slime!


You too can be thrilled by making a cup of slime! Just look at that two foot tall stalactite of goop clinging to her hand! This scene of joyful exclamation happened again and again as kids helped us test hands-on projects. We’re testing, selecting and optimizing the right set of activities so that at Maker Faire you’ll have the opportunity to make, for instance, your own goopy mess.  Continue reading


Get Your Tickets Early and Save!


We’re just five weeks away from Maker Faire! As we kick it into high gear, getting your tickets now will not only save you 20%-40% off the gate price, but you can head straight to Will Call and avoid long ticketing lines – leaving more time for you to get your hands on all a manner of tech, crafts, and fun activities! Tickets include all Maker Faire San Diego exhibits and general admission to the following 10 museums:

Currently an Annual Balboa Park Explorer? Your valid Annual Explorer card gets you into all Maker Faire San Diego activities. Hurry though! Ticket prices go up on September 1st and again on October 3rd!

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Making an Impression: We’re Cupcakes

Family with Cupcake car

It was a warm and busy day downtown, Comic Con was in full swing, but I was rushing on over to the FabLab, where an adorable pink cupcake car awaited. Test drivers were invited to come and learn to drive the cupcake car as well as just learn more about it. It was an immensely fun experience! What was really amazing, however, was seeing one family in particular become as enamored with the cupcake car as I was. Continue reading


Hands-on: A Maker Faire Experience

At Maker Faire 60% of attendees will participate in hands-on projects or demonstrations. It’s part of the experience. When you go to Maker Faire you make things and Maker Faire San Diego will be no different except in one important way: we intend to offer more!

The video above is an example of our Learn to Solder activity.  Other classics include Compressed Air Rockets, Marshmallow Shooters, and Nerdy Derby. We’re considering these and others and we’d welcome your input. Watch for an upcoming series of posts which feature other projects under consideration and being tested. Our goal is to supersize our hands-on experiences offerings!

Got a favorite? Know of a simple and interesting project? Add your ideas and suggestions to this post in the comments below. We’ll read ’em! Interested in in helping? If so then come join us at a meetup or become a volunteer.


Meet the Maker – Doug

"The Cupcake Car and Batteries Guy"

“Once, as a kid, a road repair crew left blasting wire out on our street…”

We wanted to learn what makes a maker, so we sat down with Doug, one of our local Makers who works out of the FabLab and is the resident “Cupcake Car and Batteries Guy” there. He was working on stripping wire for a battery load using a string of light bulbs when we sat down with him to talk a while.

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Cupcake on Parade!

Cupcakes at the Pride ParadeFour months of Saturdays by a team of loyalists has produced two complete cupcake cars and two in-process. While the finished cars were on display and driven at the Mayor’s announcement of Maker Faire, they’d never been tested in a full-scale parade. Saturday’s Pride Parade with it’s torrential downpour and extended course was our big test … and we passed with flying colors! Continue reading


Butterflies for Self-confidence and Joy

Butterfly CloseupRecently I attended my first meetup of the Makers of San Diego Central Library to learn to use the Silhouette Cameo cutting machine that they have available at the library’s Maker Lab. Subsequently I used it on my own to cut butterflies out of card stock and cellophane. However, this project was not for me but for a much more important cause.

I conduct a weekly art class with physically and/or mentally challenged elderly adults in a memory-care assisted-living home. They are very limited in what they can do and most can not even cut a straight line. The majority have Alzheimer’s or dementia and won’t remember what we did even five minutes after we finish. Continue reading


Playing a Game of Real-life Battleship

Battle pond in action!
When Rob Wood was a young boy, he decided to read the encyclopedia. For a curious kid with an inquisitive mind, this was his idea of pre-internet fun.

When he got to “G” volume, he stopped at the word glider. He was intrigued. Young Rob convinced his dad to help him build a model glider and thus began his life-long love of model-making. His passion for his modeling eventually led him to a group that builds radio-controlled, historically accurate robotic ships that engage in simulated naval combat.  “Once I found out about it, I couldn’t get enough of it.”

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We Are Makers – A Talk

Curious about the Maker Movement and our need to make, create, tinker and experiment? Here is Dale Dougherty, the founder of Maker Magazine and one of the heralds of the Maker Movement, giving a TED talk in which he describes the importance of making and what makes us all makers.